The Blacksmith is where you can use gold and items, or crystals, to purchase new equipment.

Upgrading the Blacksmith to higher levels opens up new recipes to create. Future recipes are not previewed in the Blacksmith.

Upgrade Levels

Level 1

Cost: Free. (It starts at level 1)

Recipes: Giant Metal Axe, Light Saber Z

Level 2

Cost: 1,250 Gold

Recipes: Holy Sword Excalibourne, Dragon King Sword, Megaton Axe, Dragon King Armour, Lucky Charm

Level 3

Cost: 5,000 Gold

Recipes: Black Dragon Sword, Epic Blade, Bahamut Armour, Legendary Hero Shield

Level 4

Cost: 12,500 Gold

Recipes: Gungnir, Epic Armour Series, Epic Shield

Level 5

Cost: 23,750 Gold

Recipes: True Dragon King Sword, Galaxy Sword, Bi-Man Battle Suit, Captain Amurico's Shield

Level 6

Cost: 38,750 Gold

Recipes: Plasma Sword, Epic Blade II, Pure Platinum Armor, True Dragon King Armour, Valkyrie Magic Shield

Level 7

Cost: 57,500 Gold

Recipes: Cat God Staff, Overlord Armor, Phantom Dark Steel Shield

Level 8

Cost: 80,000 Gold

Recipes: Ragnarok, Legendary Sword Balmung, Cosmic Blade, Epic Armour II, True Dragon King Armour II, Seraphic Garb, Galaxy Armour, Epic Shield II, Khronos Shield, Seraphic Shield, Galaxy Shield

Level 9

Cost: 106,250 Gold

Recipes: Demon Sword Laevatine, True Dragon King Sword II, Epic Blade III, Angel Slayer, Epic Armour III, Invisible Cloak, Epic Shield III, Turd-Zilla Shield, Epic Stone

Level 10:

Cost: 135,250 Gold

Recipes: Gaia Crusher, Infinity Blade, Barbatos King Armour, Jupiter Shield, Galaxy Stone