The Castle Throne is where you can use gold or crystals to purchase new Heroes to lead your army.

Upgrading the Castle Throne to higher levels opens up new heroes to buy. Heroes available in the next level of upgrade are shown darkened, and cannot be purchased until the building is upgraded.

Upgrade Levels

Level 1

Cost: Free. (It starts at level 1)

Heroes: Grullborg Grimtooth, Steel Armoured Popo

Level 2

Cost: 1,500 gold.

Heroes: Oni the Brute

Level 3

Cost: 6,000 gold.

Heroes: Robo Jack Mk. II, Joey the Skull-Splitter

Level 4

Cost: 15,000 gold.

Heroes: Rhino the Executor

Level 5

Cost: 28,500 gold.

Heroes: Lutea the Summoner, Dragonzord

Level 6

Cost: 62,000 gold.

Heroes: Khobbit the Spartan, Jasmine Timberlake

Level 7

Cost: 92,000 gold.

Heroes: Omni Knight, Frei The Sky Princess

Level 8

Cost: 128,000 gold.

Heroes: Sir George Lancelot, The Mighty GhatotKacha

Level 9

Cost: 170,000 gold.

Heroes:Khronos, Sir Kholai, Lilith The Succubus Queen

Level 10

Cost: 218,000 gold.

Heroes: The Great Sun WuKong, Holy Angel Seraphiel, Power Go Goblins