All Foodstuff shares the following traits:

Stats - How many points it changes the player's base HP, Att, and Def stats by. Not every piece of equipment increases stats.

Special - The item's special abilities. There are several types of special ability, with the magnitudes of S (5%), M (10%), and L (20%).

Stacking multiple items with the same ability is additive, not multiplicative, so two S items will boost an ability by 10%, not 10.25%.

Exp+ - Increases the amount of Experience gained from all sources.

Gold+ - Increases the amount of Gold gained from all sources.

Item+ - Increases the % chance of getting items from successful missions and arena combats. This is additive, not multiplicative.

Mana+ - The hero starts the match with a portion of their Spell and Summoning bars filled.

"Element"+ - This is either a particular element, such as "Fire", or it is simply "Element", which multiplies the stats of any elemental units that share that particular element (or in the cast of Element+, all non-Void units) by a percentage.

Hero+ - Multiplies the hero's stats by a percentage.

Unit+ - Multiples all units' stats by a percentage.

Time+ - Increases the amount of time in a battle by a percentage.

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