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Where to Obtain: Blacksmith Level 2, 1 x from True Champion achievement and 1 x from The Adventurer achievement

Cost: 5x Silver Sword, 5x Dragon Sabre, 2 x Gold Ore and 5,000 Gold OR 100 Crystals.

Type: Equipment.

The Total Price: 1,250 for 5x Silver Sword, 3,750 for 5x Dragon Sabre, 5,000 Gold to combine the items in the Blacksmith, plus the time taken to gain 2x Gold Ore.

1250 + 3750 + 5000 = 10,000 Gold


Hp: 135

Atk: 180

Def: 15


Fire +(S)


Dragon Sword.

Notes Used in crafting of True Dragon King Sword, Epic blade and Black Dragon Sword