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The Market is where you can use gold or crystals, to purchase new equipment.

Upgrading the Market to higher levels opens up new items to buy. Items immediately above the current level are shown in the last page of the Market.

Upgrade Levels

Level 1

Cost: Free. (It starts at level 1)

Items: Hamburger, Goat Milk, Orange Fruit, Nasi Kare, Guide Book, Math Book, Ancient Clock, Rusty Axe, Silver Sword, Leather Cloth, Soldier Shield, Monster Jewel, Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, Thunder Crystal, Iron Ore

Level 2

Cost: 1,000 Gold

Items: Strange Mushroom, Meat, Pitza, Red Hot Chilli, Instant Noodle, Dragon Sabre, Fortune Ring, Thief Ring, Exp Ring, Artlogic Badge, Chain Mail, Gold Plate, Knight Shield, Dragon Shield, Barrier Shield, Crusader Shield, Gold Ore

Level 3

Cost: 4,000 Gold

Items: Red Onion, Lombok, Shark Fin Soup, Steak, Dino Steak, Fire Rune, Wind Rune, Lightning Rune, Earth Rune, Water Rune, Staff of Holy Empire, Calestial Bow, Apocalypse Spear, Dragon Mail, Tiger Mask, Phoenix Garb, Turtle Shell Armour, Bunny Ear, Voltron Armour, Dark Knight Armour, Holy Shield, Dark Shield, Helios Shield, Voltron Shield, Platinum Ore

Level 4

Cost: 10,000 Gold

Items: Doping Pill, Dragon Egg, Nasty Potion, Hero Rune, Kaiser Knuckles, Holy Spear Argentina, Heavenly Sword, Keris, Armour of Briton, Angel Armour, Koteka, Dragon King Shield, Orihalcon Shield, Holy Shield Albatron, Gaia Shield, Kaiser Shield, Fire Dragon Wing, Earth Dragon Horn, Meteorite

Level 5

Cost: 19,000 gold.

Items: Elixir, Zeus Staff, Gaea Bolga, Pluton Armour, Zeus Robe, Crystal Armour, Pluton Shield, Metal Dragon Shield, Omega Shield, Angel Wing, Cursed Seal, Moon Stone

Level 6

Cost: 31,000 gold.

Items: Mr Satan Glove, Ancient Lizard Armour, X Chain Mail, Titania Shield, Kobold Shield

Level 7

Cost: 46,000 gold.

Items: Beam Axe, Faatality Drink, Spartancius Shield

Level 8

Cost: 64,000 gold.

Items: Dragon Steak Barbeque, Tiamat Claw, Lucifer Spear, White Knight Armour, Robe of Light, Spartancius Armour, White Knight Shield, Ancient King Shield, Golden Lion Shield

Level 9

Cost: 85,000 gold

Items: Staff of Doomsday, Behemoth Body Gear, Cursed Helm, Bloody Armour, Chaos Shield, Giant Skull Shield

Level 10

Cost: 109,000 gold

Items: Dimension Axe, Armor of Darkness, Barbatos King Armour, Cyborg Suit, Sun Shield, Meteor Shield