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Element: Fire

Bought From: Castle Throne Level 1

Cost: 20,000

Type: Hero


Oni The Brute In-Game

HP - 6,500 (+4 per level)

Atk - 150 (+0.75 per level)

Def - 10 (+0.5 per level)

Move Speed - 1.1


HP - 400%

Atk - 75%

Def - 50%

Spells (As of 30th October 2018)

Special Attack (Level 1) Cost: 1

Raging (Level 5) Cost: 3

Fire Volcanoz (Level 5) Cost: 2

Meteor II (Level 25) Cost: 4

Fire Volcanoz III (Level 65) Cost: 5


Red Demon from the East

Good: Elemental hero(fire), he's usually used to counter rushing wind units with ease, or to lead an incredibly powerful fire army to the front,the best way to display this hero is by gear up True Dragon King Swords(recommended 2-4) and the Ragnarok to increase his power and his fire units to an unbelievable state, making him able to overpower most of his enemies, even those who hold the water element.

Bad: Medium-Low stats, even though his power can increase dramatically with these weapons, he's still vulnerable to water units, so if you want to keep yourself safe from water assaults you better equip yourself some thunder units, also this hero's full potential is only displayable later in game.