Image 666
Chapter 2 Mission 5

Enemy Hero: Rhino The Executioner

Enemy Level: 35

Enemy Units: Puppy Dragon, Mad Bull, Centaur Lancer, Angel Knight, Phantom Knight, Elf Protector

Enemy Items: Giant Metal Axe, Turtle Shell Armour, Crusader Shield



  • 0%: 63 Xp / 630 Gold
  • 100%: 75 Xp / 756 Gold
  • 200%: 87 Xp / 882 Gold
  • 300%: 99 Xp / 1008 Gold


As Rhino is a Water hero, he will take massive damage from Goblins and other Thunder units. If you find your goblins to be dying too quickly, send one set of Shark Men, run up in front of Rhino with Popo, and use your special attack and summon Goblins. When your sharks arrive, retreat so as to not take too much damage and keep sending more Goblins.