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Chapter 2 Mission 6

Enemy Hero: Lutea the Summoner (Boss)

Enemy Level: 50

Base Stats: 36,000 HP / 240 Att / 50 Def

Aptitude: 500 / 100 / 100

Boss Spells: Special Attack, Swords of Judgement, Heal III, Tornado, Twin Tornado

Enemy Units: Blood Sucker Vampire, Elf Ranger, Warg Rider, Catapult, Beast Rider, Mystic, Earth Dragon

Enemy Items: Staff of Holy Empire, Phoenix Garb, Earth Rune x2



  • 0%: 105 Xp / 1050 Gold
  • 100%: 126 Xp / 1260 Gold
  • 200%: 147 Xp / 1470 Gold
  • 300%: 168 Xp / 1680 Gold


  • Probably the fastest way to beat this mission is use 6 staff of holy empire and just spam wargs or tigers
  • With a couple Staffs of Holy Empire to be able to summon them right away, Centaur Archers can deal with everything in this mission fairly easily.
  • If you have no good equipment or units, this boss is difficult, but still beatable. Use Viegraff and bring Elf Rangers and Elite Dwarves. Start the mission by summoning Elf Rangers as soon as you have enough mana - if you try to start with Puppy Dragons or Skeleton Archers, the boss will summon Beast Riders, which are quite dangerous. Once you have Elf Rangers out, the boss will instead summon Warg Riders. These are easily defeated by Viegraff's basic attack. Continue summoning Elf Rangers, blocking the arrows from the enemy rangers with Viegraff. Once you have a good number of archers or whenever you get low on health, start sending Elite Dwarves instead to handle the arrows for you and possibly do some damage to the boss, using Heal when available.