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Chapter 3 Mission 6

Enemy Hero: Barbatos the Giant Elder (Boss)

Enemy Level: 100

Base Stats: 60,000 HP / 400 Att / 80 Def

Aptitude: 500 / 100 / 100

Boss Spells: Special Attack, Swords of Judgement, Heal III, Tornado, Twin Tornado

Enemy Units: Skeleton Archer, Centaur Lancer, Warg Rider, White Tiger, Catapult, Stone Guardian, Earth Dragon

Enemy Items: Megaton Axe, Voltron Armour, Crusader Shield, Doping Pill



  • 0%: 187 Xp / 1,875 Gold
  • 100%: 224 Xp / 2,250 Gold
  • 200%: 262 Xp / 2,625 Gold
  • 300%: 299 Xp / 3,000 Gold


Barbatos is strong, but with sufficiently high stats, you can defeat him by just summoning Centaur Archers and casting Rage repeatedly.

If you are not strong enough to use the above method, an alternative is this: Use Popo, and bring Elite Dwarves, Shark Men, Elf Rangers, and Totems. Start by sending a few sets of Elf Rangers to deal with his Earth Dragon. Once it finally goes down, send Elite Dwarves until the Centaur Lancers are cleared out. Follow up with alternating waves of Shark Men and Totems, switching to just Totems once enough of them are in range of the boss. Use Rage whenever you have the mana for it.