Temples are where you can use gold or crystals to purchase new units for your army.

Upgrading a Temple to higher levels opens up new units to buy. Units available in the next level of upgrade are shown darkened, and cannot be purchased until the Temple is upgraded.

Upgrade Levels

Level 1

Cost: Free.

Units: Goblin (400 gold)

Level 2

Cost: 1,500 gold.

Units: Blood Sucker Vampire (1,000 gold) , Failed Experiment Creature (2,000 gold)

Level 3

Cost: 6,000 gold.

Units: Phantom Knight (2,500 gold), Witch (3,500 gold)

Level 4

Cost: 15,000 gold.

Units: Dark Warrior (7,500 gold) , Templar Knight (8,000 gold)

Level 5

Cost: 28,500 gold.

Units: Holy Matriarch( 600 crystals) , Thunder Crystal (500,000 gold), Fafnir (1,200 crystals)